Organizational Support & Systems Building

JD’A helps organizations at the intersection of margin and mission, providing the practical tools and hands-on support 
to build durable internal systems and best practices. 

Executive leaders perform many essential roles: rainmaker, mission steward, operations manager, and team leader. Each comes with its own demands, often requiring concurrent planning, implementation, oversight, and evaluation.

Too often, the public-facing needs of any organization – responding to crises or seizing opportunities in the community; building relationships with members, donors, community leaders and decision-makers; and serving as the public voice and face of your organization – can sideline critical background functions and responsibilities. This can make the difference between momentary stability and long-term sustainability, between merely surviving and building a thriving, dynamic, and durable organization.

If you already have a deputy or operations director, you know how valuable that partnership can be in growing organizational health, externally and internally. But if you don’t, and you’re a leader trying to meet expectations that outpace your capacity, you know it’s only a matter of time before you or the mission – or both – will suffer.

I’ve served on many sides of the non-profit table. I know that sometimes you need short-term capacity while catching up, stabilizing, and recalibrating your efforts; and sometimes you need someone thinking about the longer-term, big picture goals to set direction. Whether you need support in anticipation of a foreseeable surge in activity, or relief to recover from an unexpected crisis, I’m ready to jump in, for weeks or months, to manage projects that must be tended to on a daily basis, or help you assess, build, or rebuild systems and best practices that can take you to the next level, professionally or organizationally.

"I have known Joanne for over a decade and in that time have come to depend on her savvy intelligent and practical approach. Joanne advised the John T. Gorman Foundation as we created our first 5-year plan and then partnered with us over the years to support grantees as they navigated complex issues. She is my go-to when I need someone who not only thinks strategically about how to approach work but also knows how to make those ideas a reality. She is practical and beyond competent."

—Nicole Witherbee, Chief Program Officer
John T. Gorman Foundation


If you’re looking for some immediate assistance in hitting your operational benchmarks or unlocking your own potential as a leader, email Joanne or call 207-671-7221

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