"It was an absolute joy to work with Joanne."

"Everyone needs a thought partner, and Joanne is outstanding.  She thoughtfully incorporated my needs into a clear and flexible growth plan informed by her expertise and wisdom.  Joanne balanced our work on both professional and personal leadership goals skillfully attending to their intersections and divergences.  It was an absolute joy to work with Joanne.

Courtney Belolan, Former E.D., Maine Curriculum Leaders Association

"I worked with Joanne for several years and am a better person, professionally and personally, for having done so." 

"...Joanne is a great listener and can quickly process information. Joanne also has an uncanny ability to share information in a way that makes people feel informed and included in the group.”

Daniel Kleban, Founder
Maine Beer Co., LLC

"Joanne is my go-to when I need someone who not only thinks strategically, but also knows how to make those ideas a reality."

“I  have known Joanne D’Arcangelo for 15 years, and in that time have come to  depend on her savvy, intelligent and practical approach. Joanne advised the JohnT. Gorman Foundation as we created our first 5 year plan and then partnered  with us over the years to support grantees as they navigated complex issues. She is my go-to when I need someone who not only thinks strategically about how  to approach work but also knows how to make those ideas a reality. She is  practical and beyond competent.”

Nicole Witherbee, President & CEO, John T. Gorman Foundation

"Joanne helped me understand how to effectively lead during the challenging time of the pandemic."

"Joanne helped me... shift  gears in the way I work and lead my organization and understand how to effectively lead during a complex time. Her ability to grasp and process what I was dealing with and help me break things down, prioritize, take control and effectively lead has been a boon personally. She also helped me create a more cohesive and effective team during a time when unity is more important than ever as we together to address the health care needs of Maine people."

Ann Woloson, Executive Director, Consumers for Affordable Health Care

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