Leadership Coaching & Mentoring  

Some of us evolve multiple times within our profession, while others evolve to multiple professions over a lifetime. Some of us thrive on tackling these transitions on our own. Others welcome guidance as they learn and experiment with different approaches and strategies for managing change, recognizing and seizing opportunity, and overcoming barriers to personal and professional achievement.

If you’re an executive director or volunteer board leader looking to take performance to the next level, then a mentoring or coaching relationship can help you navigate these inevitable and healthy transitions.

Mentoring or Coaching—or both?

My mentoring practice involves direct, one-on-one sharing of experience, sector-specific expertise, and contextual knowledge to support a client’s growth. My role and value as a mentor is best utilized by a client seeking to explore and evolve within the political, social justice, and non-profit sectors.

My coaching practice is a facilitative process in which I use observation and inquiry to stimulate critical thinking and draw out a client’s own ideas about the path forward. My role and value as a coach is best utilized by a client in any sector who may be clear about a goal, but needs objective, non-directive guidance to forge a plan to reach that goal.

In both cases, you will emerge with more clarity, confidence, skills, and strategies for reaching their next level of professional achievement and satisfaction.

"Joanne guided us through a process that left our team more confident and skilled in communicating our wants and needs with each other, and on behalf of our clients. She helped us create action steps to continue the conversation and work after the training, leaving us a stronger and more effective team. We’re grateful for the ways she encouraged and empowered us to continue learning and improving our team work.”

—Michelle Fleagle, Director of Children’s Services. York County Community Action Corporation

Let’s Talk!

If you want to take your leadership skills to the next level as you “do well” professionally and “do good” in the world, email Joanne or call 207-671-7221

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