Consulting Services & Supports 

Internal supports and services JD’A Consulting can offer your organization:

  • Conducting board governance trainings, to maximize the assets trustees bring to the table;
  • Helping you create and manage a board development plan so trustees become more devoted and invested in their duties;
  • Designing an executive and staff succession plan to mitigate risk, maximize smooth transition, and ensure organizational stability;
  • Analyzing your external landscape to assess how and to what degree your organization is serving its stakeholders;
  • Crafting board governance policies, ensuring trustees understand roles, responsibilities and opportunities to support the organization;
  • Developing personnel/employment policies and providing employees incentive and recognition that reinforces expectations and ensures transparency in evaluation;
  • Conducting personnel or board of directors performance evaluations to assess team members’ strengths and areas of growth and ensure system-wide continuous improvement;
  • Designing project mapping, planning, and supervision to guarantee rigor in constructing and executing projects on time and in alignment with organizational goals;
  • Monitoring and managing implementation of your strategic plan to keeping your plan responsive to new and evolving issues and challenges;
  • Executing a personnel/staff search to ensure you get the right person, with the right skills, at the right time for your organization.


If you’re looking for some immediate assistance in hitting your operational benchmarks or unlocking your own potential as a leader, email Joanne or call 207-671-7221

"Joannehelped me through a very difficult period of transition. The pandemic forced meto shift of gears in the way I work and lead my organization – on top ofchallenges I was already facing. Joanne helped me understand how to effectivelylead during this this challenging time. Her ability to grasp and process what Iwas dealing with and help me break things down, prioritize, take control andeffectively lead has been a boon personally. She also helped me create a morecohesive and effective team during a time when unity is more important thanever as we together to address the health care needs of Maine people."

Ann Woloson, Executive Director Consumers for Affordable Health Care

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