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I have always defined “professional success” as the sweet spot between doing good – leaving the world, or at least one’s small corner of it, better than we found it...and doing well – creating capital that enriches one’s internal life while also “making a living.”

I’ve been rewarded with an abundance of opportunity to “do good and do well” throughout my professional life in Maine, as a political activist and strategist, policy advocate and lobbyist, State House staffer and non-profit leader, and as an organizational and philanthropic consultant.

The chapters of my professional life have been bridged by leaps of faith, choosing the path that ignites my passion, seizing the challenge that feels just a bit beyond reach, continually learning, and applying what I’ve learned in innovative ways and in new settings. 

As I look ahead, I want my next leap to be the act of sharing. I want to contribute to the success of our next generation of leaders in the political, non-profit, and entrepreneurial sectors in Maine who are bringing their talent, optimism, vision, and promise to our great state.

If you are a non-profit or business leader in Maine, I want to help you “do good and do well” by cultivating the skills, resources, and capacity you need to be successful and propel your organization into the future. 

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Joanne D'Arcangelo has been an advocacy, political, and organizational consultant with over thirty years' experience in public policy development, legislative advocacy, voter education, and organizational planning, coaching and support.

In addition to her experience as a state house lobbyist and community-based advocate, Joanne is a certified Meyers-Briggs trainer, providing MBTI assessment to individuals, teams, and partnerships, and has a certificate in Mediation and training in Executive Coaching from USM’s Professional Development Program. She has also received training in Result-Based Facilitation from the John T. Gorman Foundation.

Prior to establishing her own business, Joanne was Chief of Staff for Maine's Speaker of the House during the 122nd Maine Legislature where she served as policy and program advisor to the presiding officer of the Maine House of Representatives, supervising eight policy, communications, and administrative staff; developing and managing the Speaker's policy and legislative agenda; and directing the Speaker's administrative and operational responsibilities in the House of Representatives. During the 121st Maine Legislature, she served in an equivalent position in the House Majority Office, which provides constituent and communications support services to the Democratic Floor Leaders and the members of the House Democratic caucus.

Earlier in her career, Joanne was V.P. for Public Affairs at Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, where she oversaw the affiliate's advocacy, governmental affairs, community organizing, and political action programs in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. D'Arcangelo also served at the Maine Family Planning Association as its Director of Public Affairs (1992-94; '97-99) and Director of Development (1991-92); as Executive Director of the Maine Justice Foundation (1994-97); as lobbyist for the Maine Women's Lobby (1988-91); and as State Director of the Maine Democratic Party (1984-86). In 1999, D'Arcangelo served as Chair of Maine's 1999 No on One campaign, which successfully defeated an abortion ban referendum.

Joanne currently serves on the Board of Director of Planned Parenthood/Maine Action Fund and the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence. She has served as Chair of the Board of Trustees of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, on the Advisory Board of the Maine Women's Fund, the Board of the Maine Equal Justice Project; the Muskie Commission on Access to Civil Legal Services; and the U.S. Commission on the Glass Ceiling. Joanne is the 2006 recipient of the Maine Women's Policy Center Leadership Award and the Maine Family Planning Association's David & Sherry Huber Award; the Portland YWCA's 2001 Woman of Achievement Award, the 1999 recipient of the Maine Civil Liberties Union's Roger Baldwin Award, and the Maine Women's Fund 1994 Recognition Award. Joanne was inducted into the Maine Women's Hall of Fame in 2020.

Joanne has a Masters of Arts degree in English from the University of Maine. She lives in Portland, Maine.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. It is indeed the only thing that ever has.” 

—Margaret Mead

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